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Brand promotion
Soft wen、VIDesign、Video、Activities, etc,Comprehensive integrated marketing
Product research and development
Market research、Data analysis、Scheme, etc,Strategic research and development system
Closed-loop supply chain system,Leading business model
Intelligence platform
Multiple ports、Multi-functional platform,Professional guidance、Easy to operate
"Salt"The community
Industry experts together,The real-time sharing of resources
Big platform refers to the integrated industrial chain related to salt electric business platform,Divided into three layers stack management。By supporting layer12Big business system,Middle is financial、The data、The Internet of things terminal layout ability as the basis of the implementation of the transport layer,Finally through to the top floor,Output the industry standard、To strengthen the research and development capabilities、Development of talents。
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Industrial salt industrial production、Transportation、Warehousing,Marketing management、The financial management、Data analysis at an organic whole。To optimize the industrial chain as the starting point,By providingSAASService,Optimal management costs;At the same time promote credit system platform、The construction industry standard convention,Optimizing the resources distribution of the industrial chain,Promote efficiency。
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Salt industrial product production、Inventory,Members and marketing management、Order and channels。Using the network technology layout,Optimizing or integrating some existing salt product sales channels in the province,At the same time to expand outside the province,To strengthen the construction of brand,The purpose of increase the rate of product after purchasing and customer traffic。
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Sea salt salt derivatives industry chain set、Mineral salt resources,Research and development strength,Production and marketing in a body。Committed to output a variety of life in salt products,Has now developed a hot compress salt、Washing salt、Bath salts、Decorative salt, etc,On the premise of strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the state,Popularization of science with salt,Salt products market。
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Shandong province salt industry group co., LTD,Is the shandong provincial government funded wholly state-owned companies,Subordinate five saltworks dish respectively central saltworks、Cold pavilion first saltworks、Wudi salt plant turn、Feicheng salt plant、Adai yue salt co., LTD,Production、Luck、Pin system integrity。
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Shandong province salt industry group electronic commerce co., LTD

       Shandong province salt industry group co., LTD. As a shandong province people's government approved the establishment of a wholly state-owned company,Based on the production and sales of high quality salt as the leading industry,Crude salt and salt chemical products two-wing development,Product structure is reasonable,Network layout is closely integrated enterprise groups。       Shandong province salt industry group、Luck、Pin system...

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In recent days,Production of shandong cuisine epicenter son saltworks co., LTD“LuJing”、“Jade spring snow”Brand...
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Provincial party secretary of sasac、Director zhang...
3Month8Day,Provincial party secretary of sasac、Zhang bin, director of the led to the first team on comrades...


Shandong province salt industry group to carry out the obligation of the party...
This year is the first41A national compulsory Arbor Day,In shandong province salt industry group all party member in the party...
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